OPUS BT-C3100 – DEAD!!!

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So last night my new (2 weeks old) Opus BT-C3100 decided to let out the ‘magic smoke’. Not sure if it was bonafide magic smoke, but it ain’t working anymore.

Turns out it might be a faulty PSU supplied with the unit. I haven’t yet tried powering it up with another PSU, but I’ve contacted the eBay seller to hopefully get a replacement.

I spotted sparks coming off the PCB inside next to the fan, and that was last thing it did, so back to the single discharging from 4 iMax B6 clones…. yawn! I’ll update on what I hear back from the seller.


UPDATE 11/09/2017

I’ve received my refund, and it turns out i’m not alone. I’m in the process of printing some of these, from thingiverse, as seen from Pete at HBPowerwall’s YouTube channel. They replace the bottom part of the opus and allow for FAR more cooling. I’ll be blogging about this next.

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